Integrating AI into Quantum Solutions

Aqarios Joins NVIDIA Inception


Aqarios, a spinoff from Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (LMU), proudly announces it has joined NVIDIA Inception, a program that nurtures cutting-edge startups reshaping industries through technological advancements. This milestone marks a new chapter in Aqarios’s quest to bring quantum computing into practical, real-world applications. A company deeply rooted in academic excellence and innovation, Aqarios was born out of the desire to transform theoretical quantum breakthroughs into tangible solutions. Its flagship platform, Aqarios Luna, embodies this vision by offering an accessible, user-friendly interface for tackling complex optimization problems across various industries using quantum technologies. Luna’s applications are vast and varied, providing custom solutions ranging from logistics and supply chain optimization to energy networks and financial modeling. By democratizing quantum computing, Aqarios is not just part of the industry—it’s actively shaping the industry’s future. “As we collaborate with NVIDIA through its Inception program, we’re poised to open a gateway to unprecedented capabilities in quantum computing,” says Michael Lachner, CEO and Co-Founder of Aqarios. “This collaboration will help accelerate our development, providing us with resources to integrate cutting-edge AI with quantum technologies to offer transformative solutions to our clients.”

Combining Quantum Computing with Artificial Intelligence

Quantum AI is an exhilarating frontier where the potential of quantum computing meets the power of artificial intelligence. Traditional AI algorithms, when run on classical computers, face limitations due to a lack of available processing capabilities. Quantum computing, however, operates on the principles of quantum mechanics, which allows for the simultaneous exploration of multiple states and solutions. When applied to AI, this means the potential for vastly improved speed and efficiency in data processing, complex problem-solving, and pattern-recognition tasks. In this vein, Aqarios plans to use NVIDIA’s suite of classical AI technologies and computational resources to develop robust quantum AI solutions for its customers. Access to NVIDIA’s resources provides Aqarios with the opportunity to build transparent and real comparisons between different computational approaches, which is central to its mission. Aqarios aims to offer genuine assessments of quantum technologies, enabling its clients to make better-informed decisions. NVIDIA technology supports the company in achieving this by facilitating access to cutting-edge classical AI models that enhance quantum AI development, helping ensure its comparisons and solutions are based on the very latest advancements in AI.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for Quantum Optimization

Central to LunaSolve, a service of Aqarios Luna’s suite dedicated to solving real-world and large-scale optimization problems, is Aqarios’s sophisticated recommendation engine. This tool is integral to the LunaSolve service, guiding users toward the most efficient quantum solutions tailored to their specific needs. By analyzing the problem at hand, the engine will estimate the most effective combination of quantum algorithms and hardware to deliver optimal results. Parts of this engine are based on AI techniques. Enhancing this system with NVIDIA’s AI and machine learning tools opens up exciting new avenues for improvement. By tapping into advanced NVIDIA GPUs and technical expertise, Aqarios can further refine its engine to provide even more accurate recommendations, streamline workflows, and push the boundaries of what its quantum computing platform can achieve.

The Inception Advantage

NVIDIA Inception offers key resources for startups like Aqarios as they navigate the intricate phases of product development and market deployment. The program equips startups with bespoke benefits tailored to their growth trajectory. From exclusive NVIDIA Training credits and access to preferred pricing on cutting-edge hardware and software to personalized technological assistance, NVIDIA Inception provides Aqarios with tools to help scale its quantum solutions.

Forging Ahead with NVIDIA

Aqarios’s collaboration with NVIDIA Inception will not only help it enhance its existing capabilities but also poise it to explore new territories in quantum computing. As Aqarios forges ahead into uncharted territory, NVIDIA Inception serves as a catalyst for its growth, helping steer it toward a future in which quantum computing becomes a cornerstone of technological progress. Aqarios is not just participating in the industry – it’s driving it forward, one quantum solution at a time.

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