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Aqarios joins the IBM Quantum Network

Aqarios is proud to announce that it has joined the IBM Quantum Network. This collaboration with IBM Quantum helps Aqarios with its goal to chart a course toward transformative advancements in the field of optimization applications using quantum computing.

Aqarios: Pioneering Quantum Solutions

Emerging from LMU Munich’s esteemed QAR-Lab, Aqarios brings to the table nearly a decade of experience in quantum computing. Specializing in quantum optimization, our flagship platform, Aqarios Luna, is a versatile solution designed to streamline the application of quantum technologies in addressing optimization problems. Luna enables users to tackle the most complex tasks by leveraging the best of quantum, hybrid, or even classical algorithms.

Luna provides our users with the opportunity to access IBM’s quantum hardware, over the cloud at no additional cost, merging real-world applications with robust quantum algorithms. Our services – LunaSolve for solving real-world optimization problems, LunaBench for benchmarking optimization use cases and algorithms, and LunaQ for deployment of quantum programs – are designed with the user in mind, integrating seamlessly with IBM’s software and hardware. This synergy not only helps tackle complex challenges, but also provides our users with more options to explore quantum computing, fostering innovation across diverse fields.

Aqarios forging ahead as part of IBM Quantum Network

By joining the IBM Quantum Network, Aqarios has the opportunity of gaining additional access to IBM’s cloud-based computers for research and product development. Aqarios is primed to drive quantum computing breakthroughs across a spectrum of industries such as finance, logistics and energy, harnessing quantum technologies for enhanced efficiency in problem-solving and decision-making.

The specialization of Aqarios Luna in quantum optimization makes it a formidable asset in the pursuit of quantum advantages. We aim to empower our users by providing intuitive access to the technologies, including IBM’s quantum hardware over the cloud at no additional cost, needed to explore the intricate challenges that occur when applying mathematical optimization.

A Quantum Leap Forward

Aqarios‘ collaboration with IBM Quantum signifies the beginning of a journey to unlock the potential of this transformative technology, paving the way for innovation and growth to accelerate the integration of quantum computing into today’s business applications.

As a member of the IBM Quantum Network, Aqarios solidifies its position as a player in the quantum computing arena, fostering an ecosystem for quantum optimization. This effort helps provide Aqarios’ platform services additional access to advanced quantum for our users’ daily operations.

We look forward to collaborating with IBM as we contribute to how quantum computing could chart new frontiers and reshape industries.

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