Aqarios | Q-CTRL: Advancing Quantum Solutions:

Aqarios and Q-CTRL: Pioneering Quantum Solutions Together

A Quantum Collaboration for the Future

In the ever-evolving realm of quantum computing, collaboration stands as the cornerstone of progress. Today, we’re thrilled to announce an unprecedented partnership between Aqarios and Q-CTRL, two industry leaders committed to shaping the future of quantum technologies. This alliance represents a fusion of expertise and a shared mission to drive innovation in the quantum computing landscape.
At the heart of this collaboration lies the integration of Q-CTRL’s hardware-aware approach to improving the execution of quantum circuits with Aqarios‘ application-focused strategy for quantum end-users.

Michael Lachner, Co-Founder and CEO of Aqarios, highlights the significant potential the partnership brings to the table:

„Together, we combine our strengths to build the entire pipeline from business-centric applications to the enhanced execution of algorithms on quantum hardware. This synergy maximizes our potential and is a crucial step toward practical implementations in the realm of quantum computing.“

Q-CTRL: Leading the Charge in Quantum Control Engineering Computing

At the forefront of quantum control engineering stands Q-CTRL, a pioneering company founded under the leadership of Professor Michael J. Biercuk. Operating globally, Q-CTRL serves a diverse user base across various industries, with offices in the United States, Australia, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Q-CTRL offers a suite of innovative products, each designed to address specific challenges in quantum technology adoption and application.
Q-CTRL’s Fire Opal solution, launched in 2022, makes it simple for anyone to achieve meaningful results from quantum computers. Using AI-driven error suppression, Fire Opal improves the success of algorithms by thousands of times and enables users to successfully scale to large problem sizes, without even having to worry about the details of quantum circuits. At the same time, reaching the correct answer takes fewer shots and requires no overhead, meaning that users save on compute cost.

„Aqarios and Q-CTRL are like-minded in the mission to make quantum technology useful with practical applications and business value. The combination of Aqarios‘ use-case-driven algorithms through the Luna platform and Q-CTRL’s algorithm-enhancing software through Fire Opal provides a complete workflow that lowers the barrier for end-users to realize business value with quantum computing.“, says Alex Shih, Head of Product at Q-CTRL.

The Fusion of Expertise: Aqarios Luna and Q-CTRL’s Fire Opal

Aqarios, originating from LMU Munich’s QAR-Lab, embodies a decade-long legacy of quantum exploration and innovation, transforming the approach to solving complex optimization problems. By bridging the gap between businesses and quantum technologies, Aqarios’ platform, Luna, provides an intuitive interface for accessing quantum hardware and algorithms, significantly facilitating the user experience.

With a focus on tackling intricate business challenges, Luna addresses optimization dilemmas across diverse sectors, ranging from supply chain management to energy distribution. Quantum computing offers unparalleled computational power, promising to overcome classical computers‘ limitations and unlock untapped economic potential.

The integration of Luna with Q-CTRL’s Fire Opal marks a significant milestone in quantum computing. Users will now be able to benefit from Fire Opal via Luna in two ways: First, through LunaQ, Aqarios’ service designed to facilitate and unify access to various quantum hardware providers, allowing users to send any quantum programs they wish to different hardware systems. Here, users can additionally access Fire Opal when running algorithms on quantum hardware, which makes it simple for anyone to achieve meaningful results from quantum computers through AI-driven error suppression.

Secondly, through LunaSolve and LunaBench—Aqarios’ frameworks for solving and benchmarking real-world and complex optimization problems via the best quantum, hybrid, and classical algorithms—users now have access to Fire Opal’s hardware-optimized Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm (QAOA) solver. Q-CTRL has built an entire noise-aware workflow, meaning that results are thousands of times improved over standard algorithm implementations. By tailoring both the quantum and classical parts of the QAOA algorithm to work on real hardware, the solver is more likely to converge on the optimal solution and do so in fewer iterations, reducing the overall time required. Users will be able to access this solver for any of Aqarios’ over 40 pre-implemented use cases, as well as for any custom optimization problem

This collaboration enhances both the stability of quantum algorithms and fosters an improved research environment, advancing towards bringing quantum computing into practical applications. For detailed instructions and documentation on how the integration works, users can visit a tutorial and documentation for the integrations in LunaSolve and LunaQ.

Driving Innovation Forward: Our Collective Mission

Join us as we embark on this extraordinary journey to unlock the potential of the quantum realm. Aqarios and Q-CTRL are at the forefront, leading the charge towards a quantum-powered tomorrow. With our combined efforts, we transcend collaboration to shape the future of technology, bringing together cutting-edge applications and advanced error mitigation techniques. Together, we chart a course toward a future where quantum computing transforms industries and revolutionizes the world of technology.

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