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Why Quantum Computing?

Quantum Computing has the potential to deliver a major leap forward in computation.

It may revolutionize whole fields and solve major problems humans face right now — be it climate change, pandemics, energy grids, drug development, financial modeling or cyber security.

Aqarios helps companies like BASF, BMW, E.ON, SAP and Siemens to cross this next technological frontier.

About Us

The experts of the team program real QCs / NISQ devices and in particular have experience with IBM, Rigetti, Fujitsu and D-Wave.

We are identifying suitable use cases, designing intelligent algorithms, and writing high quality software to make real-world challenges accessible to quantum computers.

Aqarios combines their experts' experience on optimization problems with powerful software tools that allow for dynamic analysis and adjustments of the search process.

What we are doing with our customers

For every optimization problem, there are 4 considerations to be made.

Challenge — Find optimal timetables for shifts, efficient routes of roboter arms, or optimized portfolios of stocks, you name it.

Analysis — Analyze the problem at hand, identify precise formulations, find typical approximations for your problem, and assess the problem's inherent complexity.

Solution — Develop a software solution: Generate a suitable problem transformation, implement approximative methods and AI-based estimates to verify the verdicts in the analysis phase, and choose the best suited hybrid algorithm.

Hardware — Finally, put the software on the world's leading (quantum) computing hardware to generate the best solutions whenever you have a new instance of your optimization problem.


Aqarios GmbH

Managing Directors: Daniel Ratke, Florian Schepp

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